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Semitrailer tanks

We produce tanks for liquid foodstuffs (and other non-ADR). The tanks may also require heating.The semi-trailers are frame semi-trailers (full frame of 3-axle chassis) or self-supporting...
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Rigid milk tankers and trailer milk tanks

We produce tankers for milk and liquid foodstuffs, mount them on well-adjusted truck chassis, trailers and semitrailers. Compartments, cladding and fixing bands are made of stainless...
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Silotanks and tanks

The silotanks and tanks produced by PRO-WAM are designed to store milk, whey, cream, juice, liqour, water, edible oils, animal fats, vegetative fatty acids and loose...
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Process tanks and kiers

Apart from stainless steel storage tanks, we offer a wide range of process tanks designed to ferment milk and produce yoghurt, cream, ect as well as...
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Measuring systems

The integral equipment of the milk tanks is the measuring system. It is used to take the product and save the data concerning the amount of...
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Milk measuring systems

The device that allows taking and verifying the amount of the milk delivered to the dairy plant is stationary milk measuring system, in which we use...
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CIP cleaning systems

The CIP cleaning systems are integral part of the food processing plants. In order to meet our customers' requirements, in 2004 we introduced CIP production: mechanical...
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Water tanks

For water system companies which store, transport and distribute drinking water, we offer silotanks and water tanks which are use in case of water system failure. Our...
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Pressure tanks

Having recognised welding technologies and skilled welders and cooperation with notified bodies give us the possibility of producing pressure tanks. Our pressure tanks meet the requirements of...
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Hazardous materials tanks

We have the eligibility of the Technical Inspection Office to manufacture, modernise, repair and assemble the tanks for noxious or caustic and flammable liquids. The production, modernisation,...
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The pros of the long-term rental: the trucks are not in the balance sheet, as a result the financial capacity is improved the costs of the truck use...
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Laser cutting

The purchase supported by project “Implementation of LASER cutter in PRO-WAM Sp. z o.o” our offer is wider – laser cutting.  The purchased cutter CO2 TruLaser...
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